Buy 10 Chobani® Flip® products and get a $5 reward

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Submit your receipt by 3/15/2020 to be eligible for this reward.

How it works

Step 1


Buy any 10 single-serve Chobani® Flip® products between 1/15/20 and 3/15/20 in one transaction.

Step 2


Take a photo of your entire receipt. It should be flat, clear, in focus, and include:

• Store name and address
• All products purchased
• Purchase date, marked with a star
• Chobani® Flip® products, marked with a star

Step 3


Send us your receipt in one of three ways:

• Upload it through this website
• Email it to
• Text CHOBANI to 811811 and follow the submission instructions

After submitting, we’ll ask you for a few details.

Step 4


We’ll confirm your receipt, and send you a $5 Visa Prepaid Card to spend on more of your favorite Chobani™ goodies. If you don’t hear back from us within 48 hours, email